3 Best Record Stores in Sacramento

Vinyl. Vinyl. Vinyl!

3 Best Record Stores in Sacramento

Visit Sacramento spoke with local musicians like Chelsea Wolfe and the owners of record shops like Dimple Records and Kicksville Vinyl & Vintage to learn about their favorite vinyl shops in America's 'Farm to Fork' Capital, Sacramento.

Dimple Records

Recommended by: Chelsea Wolfe

"Dimple Records is definitely one of my favorite spots. I just bought a Rudimentary Peni vinyl over at Dimple Records on Broadway. It's a Sacramento staple that's right across the street from Tower Theater."

A mural outside of Dimple Records on Broadway in Curtis Park for Visit Sacramento.
Dimple Records on Broadway

Mediumrare & Kicksville - A Vinyl & Vintage Collective

Recommended by: Dilyn Radakovitz

"There's this little fly on the wall that's called Mediumrare & Kicksville - A Vinyl & Vintage Collective. It's brand new and they have a little tiny store, but it's really different. They have a lot of retro things in there. Kicksville is a lot more expensive than us at Dimple Records, but it's very cute and very unique. I was impressed when we went there."

The inside of record and vinyl shop Kicksville Vinyl & Vintage on R Street in Sacramento for Visit Sacramento.
Kicksville Vinyl & Vintage

Delta Breeze Records

Recommended by: Marty at Kicksville Vinyl & Vintage

"We really like Delta Breeze Records. They are a part record store, part stereo shop. They sell a lot of refurbished stereo stuff, from stereo equipment from the golden days, you know like the late 1950s through the mid-1970s. It's a smaller store."

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