12 Best Dive Bars in Sacramento

Where Sacramento's local makers grab a stiff drink with good friends.

12 Best Dive Bars in Sacramento

Visit Sacramento asked local chefs like Kru's Billy Ngo, musicians like Chelsea Wolfe, and entrepreneurs like Lucky Rodrigues to recommend some of their favorites dive bars in Sacramento.


Recommended by: Billy Ngo

"If I'm coming from my place and walking east, I'd hit up a little local dive bar called Elixir. It's nothing fancy, just a great dive bar. I'd get a quick drink with a burger or wings."

The outside of dive bar Elixir in Midtown Sacramento for Visit Sacramento.

Ace of Spaces

Recommended by: Chelsea Wolfe

According to musician Chelsea Wolfe, "I really like Ace of Spades."


Recommended by: Chelsea Wolfe, Lucky Rodrigues

Chelsea Wolfe shared, 'I like B-Side. It's a cool spot right across the street from Ace of Spades, so it's a good spot to go get some drinks right after you see a good show.'

Lucky says, 'B-Side is a little, total local's bar. It's a teeny, teeny, little bar with no food and no nothing - they’ve only got drinks, and it's solid.'

Flame Club

Recommended by: Chelsea Wolfe

"Flame Club is admittedly more of a wild-card kind of bar; it's awesome."


Recommended by: Nicholas Haystings

"I'm a little bit of a gamer and there's this place in downtown called Coin-Op. It's a hybrid between a bar and an arcade, so you can kind of just go out there and play like old retro video games from the 1990s, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and NBA Jam."

Holy Diver

Recommended by: Chelsea Wolfe

"Holy Diver is a great place to see a show or just to hang out with friends. It's a metal-themed bar, which is really cool and very much my taste." 

Arthur Henry's

Recommended by: Lucky Rodrigues

“In Oak Park, there’s this place called Arthur Henry's Supper Club & Ruby Room and it’s this kind of dim funky little bar where when you order food it’s got a cute communal inside grill where you grill your own meats and kabobs and all that type of stuff. It's got this dive bar feel and it's done really well."

The Hilltop Tavern Bar

Recommended by: Brad Cecchi

"Sacramento is definitely rich in dive bars. I'm a fan of the Hilltop Tavern."

The Hilltop

The Torch Club

Recommended by: Brad Cecchi at Canon

"The Torch Club is awesome. It's got a cool kind of small music scene happening there too."

The Torch Club

Old Ironsides

Recommended by: Brad Cecchi at Canon

"Old Ironsides is great, especially if they have music going on."

Old Ironsides

Club Raven

Featured briefly in the movie Lady Bird, Club Raven is a friendly neighborhood bar. It now pays homage to the Sacramento-based movie with a Lady Bird cocktail.

Club Raven

The Mercantile Saloon

Recommended by: Patrick Harbison

"Everybody knows the Mercantile Saloon has the stiffest pour in all of Sacramento."

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