10 Coffee Shops with the Best Vibes in Sacramento

Where Sacramentans get their morning buzz.

10 Coffee Shops with the Best Vibes in Sacramento

Visit Sacramento worked with local roasters and coffee shop owners to share their favorite cafes in town. ‍

Temple Coffee

Recommended by: Patrick Harbison, Patrick Mulvaney, Lucky Rodrigues, Vivek Ranadive

Lucky Rodrigues from Identity Coffees  says, "Temple has a very clean atmosphere; it's very organized. It's a modern coffee house that's clean and well-kempt. The staff is very courteous and service oriented. It's Sacramento's 'Instagram Coffee House."

Vivek Ranadive who owns the Sacramento Kings said he'd start his 'Perfect Sacramento Day' with, "An Americano and a gluten-free muffin at Temple."

Insight Coffee Roasters

Recommended by: Amber Stott, Lucky Rodrigues

Amber Stott raved about Insight Coffee, saying, 'Coffee shops like Insight are really innovating in the space and bringing a quality product to life.'

Identity Coffees

Recommended by: Sean Kohmescher, Lucky Rodrigues

Temple Coffee's Sean Kohmescher says, 'Identity is a great coffee house.' Lucky Rodrigues is proud of the cafe he built by hand, saying, 'I've gotta be honest, I think Identity Coffees is probably one of the most unique spots in town. It's a massive, airy and light space with a lot of plants and concrete.'

Chocolate Fish

Recommended by: Amber Stott, Eric Veldman Miller, Lucky Rodrigues

Amber Stott from the Food Literacy Center would start her perfect day in town off with, 'A coffee from Chocolate Fish.' Identity's Lucky Rodrigues pushed it further, saying, 'Chocolate Fish has a lot of sharp edges, kind of a very design-y, metal countertop spot with a lot of furniture that's angular and sharp. It's proper and minimalist.'

Pachamama Coffee

Source: Pachamama Coffee

Sacramento is America's Farm to Fork Capital and Pachamama Coffee sources fresh coffee from a network of farmers across the world. With locations in East Sacramento, Midtown and a new spot in Downtown, coffee lovers have got to swing by Pachamama Coffee when in Sacramento.

Old Soul

Recommended by: Patrick Mulvaney

Mulvaney's B&L Patrick Mulvaney says that before eating lunch or dinner at his Farm to Fork staple, you've got to stop at Old Soul. "I love it when people say, 'We were wandering around and hit an alley and there was this big coffee shop! You could see 50 people sitting out having a coffee.'"  

Oblivion Comics and Coffee

Recommended by: Edie Baker

Oblivion Comics and Coffee is as unique as it gets. Chocolate Fish's Edie Baker shares, "If you're looking for coffee, you must check out Oblivion Comics and Coffee, just off K Street by the Cathedral." It's all comic books and specialty roasts, in the heart of Downtown Sacramento.

Naked Lounge

Recommended by: Lucky Rodrigues

"If you want to go to one of the first specialty coffee houses in all of Sacramento, check out Naked Lounge on 15th and Q. I worked there as a teenager, and it's where all of us roasters got our start. Naked Lounge did specialty coffee in town before anyone thought about it.'

Tupelo Coffee & Roasting

Recommended by: Nicholas Haystings

"East Sac is a little more tranquil. Tupelo is a coffee shop there that we love. They have the best hot chocolate with homemade whipped cream."

Yellowbill Café

Recommended by: Edie Baker

Chocolate Fish's Edie Baker says, "You must check out Yellowbill on 14th by the Capitol!"

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