About the Visit Sacramento Field Guide

A field guide to America's Farm to Fork Capital, built by Dirt Road Travels.

About the Visit Sacramento Field Guide

Dirt Road Travels builds city guides for tourism boards. We partnered with Visit Sacramento  to create a first-person, digital field guide that is one hundred percent built by notable locals.

We're called Dirt Road Travels because we know that sometimes, the best people, places, and experiences lie just a bit off the beaten path. Visit Sacramento understands this too, so we set out together to build a city guide for travelers, highlighting the authentic spots that locals love.

Dirt Road Travels interviewed dozens of famous local chefs, musicians, artists, brewers, adventurers, and entrepreneurs, all of whom shared what they love most about America's Farm to Fork Capital and their favorite spots to eat, drink, catch a show, bike, see, do and get outside.

Here is where it's most important to put our key disclaimer, front, and center. 

While Visit Sacramento played an important role in designing the field guide, it wasn't involved in curating the content or recommendations. Instead, Visit Sacramento gave Dirt Road Travels and Sacramento's most notable locals free reign to recommend the different spots highlighted throughout this guide.

So, here you have it! A Sacramento, California city guide that is one hundred percent based on the words and recommendations of notable locals. We built it this way because we've learned that seeing a city through famous locals' eyes is the best way to travel.

If you'd like to learn more about Visit Sacramento, visit their website here.

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