Great Restaurants to Try in Downtown Sacramento

The best breakfast, lunch and dinners on K Street and in Downtown.

Great Restaurants to Try in Downtown Sacramento

Downtown Sacramento is your spot for delicious Farm to Fork bites right by the Capitol Building. Visit Sacramento asked local chefs, brewers and baristas to share their favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner spots in Downtown.

Recommended by: Amber Stott, Rob Archie, Ginger Elizabeth, Vivek Ranadive, Sean Kohmescher, Rob Lind, Kelly McCown, Billy Ngo


Ella was, by far, the most recommended spot in all of Sacramento. Vivek Ranadive who owns the NBA's Sacramento Kings proclaimed, 'Lunch at Ella is really healthy, with lots of fresh ingredients that you know came straight from the farm.'

Ella's Chef Rob Lind laid it out cleanly, 'I think we've got the most beautiful restaurant in all of Sacramento. The setting is incredible, with floor-to-ceiling windows and our menu changes by day and by week based on seasonality. It's a rustic elegance. There are no white tablecloths. You can come in in a suit and tie, or walk-in in shorts and flip-flops and feel comfortable no matter what.'

Empress Tavern

Recommended by: Billy Ngo, Kelly McCown, Rob Archie, Edie Baker

Empress Tavern

Chef Michael Thiemann shared, "Empress Tavern is my nod to the Crest Theatre, which has been around for a hundred plus years. Its original name was Empress Beauty and I wanted to create something that felt like it has been unearthed, or that it's been open for a hundred years. I wanted it to be carvery, simple, really homey food that's cooked well, with the responsibility of keeping it real local."


Recommended by: Lucky Rodrigues, Kelly McCown, Rob Archie


Identity Coffee's Lucky Rodrigues shared that, "Mother is a vegetarian spot on K Street that is one of the more unique restaurants in Sacramento. It's a vegetarian spot and their chefs are outstanding. It's this teeny, funky little - maybe fifteen seats - spot right on K Street in Downtown. Michael, who's the dude that runs that place, is just this awesome chef. Mother is legit!"

Chef Michael Thiemann gave a bit more context on their mission: "We wanted to be focused on the cooking, the vegetables, and highlighting the seasons and being a representation of what's available in town at that moment. Our menu is basically a grab bag of whatever we get delivered fresh throughout the year. I wanted Mother to be Sacramento's quintessential restaurant."

The Bank

A brand new food hall in Downtown Sacramento, with three levels and 30,000 square feet, featuring local, Farm to Fork, dishes from local favorites like Preservation and Co. and Mama Kim's.

Source: The Bank

The Grange

Recommended by: Eric Veldman Miller, Ryan Graham


Eric who owns V. Miller Meats said, "The Grange is always good." Track 7 Brewing's Ryan Graham backed him up by saying, "The Grange is an amazing restaurant and it's just around the corner from the Golden 1 Center in Downtown."

Binchoyaki Izakaya Dining

"Binchoyaki Izakaya Dining on 10th Street in Downtown is to die for!" claims Edie Baker of Chocolate Fish. Michelin Star winning chef Brad Cecchi of Canon agrees, saying, "I'd be at Binchoyaki on 10th and W for dinner." But V. Miller Meats' Eric Miller said it most bluntly, and enthusiastically: "I would go to Binchoyaki Izakaya for lunch and just stuff my fat face!"

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