Sacramento's Hidden Gems

The off-the-beaten path, authentic local spots in America's Farm to Fork Capital.

Sacramento's Hidden Gems

Visit Sacramento asked famous local artists, musicians, chefs and brewers for their favorite, off-the-beaten-path, authentic local spots. Below is the rundown of some of their favorite hidden-gems in Sacramento.

Queen Sheba

Recommended by: Lucky Rodrigues

"Queen Sheba is this Ethiopian spot on Broadway and they've just been killing it for years. It's this little small family company and their food is so legit, and it's in a part of town where if you're visiting, you might not really find yourself there. It's a bit on the outskirts, but they do such a good job. It's a great dinner spot."

The front of Queen Sheeba on Broadway in Sacramento for Visit Sacramento.

Orphan Breakfast House

Recommended by: Kelly McCown, Lucky Rodrigues

"Orphan Breakfast House is this kind of little hidden, funky spot that as an outsider you would not really come across. It's kind of embedded in East Sacramento. It's a funky, cash only breakfast spot that's run by a buddy of mine."

Device Brewing

Recommended by: AJ Tendick

"We'd probably bike over to New Glory Craft Brewery and Device Brewing because they're pretty close to each other and to Downtown Sacramento. I really like both of their beers."

The inside of Device Brewing where people order pints of beer for Visit Sacramento.


Recommended by: Chelsea Wolfe, Lucky Rodrigues

"I like B-Side because it's a really cool spot. It's right across the street from Ace of Spades, so it's a good spot to go get some drinks right after you see a show."

The front of B-Side in Midtown Sacramento for Visit Sacramento.

Nopalito's Southwestern Café

Recommended by: Rick Mahan

"I like to go to this little place called Nopalitos. They've been there for about twenty-four years. It's a southwestern cafe that's open for breakfast and lunch, five days a week, kind of a mom-and-pop situation. She works the front. He works the back. They do a great job."

The Shack

Recommended by: Rob Archie, Ken Anthony

"The Shack in East Sacramento is great for lunch. It's a landmark that's been there forever. It was Sacramento's first drive-thru restaurant and it's just this great little haunt with awesome sandwiches, awesome housemade everything, and a killer beer line-up."

Milk Money

Recommended by: Clay Nutting, Michael Thiemann

"Brock and Edward from LowBrau also have this donut shop that has basically gone viral in town called Milk Money, and anytime they do a donut pop-up, three hundred people are in line for it. It's kind of ridiculous."

Roxie Deli and Barbecue

Recommended by: Brad Cecchi

"Roxie Deli is a great little sandwich shop in East Sac."

Patrons order sandwiches for lunch at the counter of Roxie Deli in East Sacramento for Visit Sacramento.
Roxie Deli

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