How to Enjoy a Farmer's Market in Sacramento

The Best Way to Explore the Farm to Fork Capital

Farmer's Markets in America's Farm to Fork Capital

Visit Sacramento worked with local chefs and farmers who shared the best ways to take in the local Farmer's Markets that are held every day of the week through Sacramento, from the Sunday Farmer's Market under the freeway to the Midtown Farmer's Market on Saturdays.

Amber Stott, Food Literacy Center

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The Food Literacy Center's Amber Stott

"The Sunday Farmer's Market under the freeway is mind-boggling in terms of the quantity and quality of products that our farmers are growing. There is everything from olive oils to nut oils, rice, eggs, fruits and vegetables in all varieties. The Sunday Farmer's Market is the biggest, but there are great little markets spread across town throughout the week."

Patrick Harbison

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Patrick Harbison

"I'd recommend eating breakfast on the LowBrau patio overlooking the Midtown Farmer's Market on Saturdays."

Chef Ginger Elizabeth, Ginger Elizabeth's

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Pastry Chef Ginger Elizabeth Hahn

"On Saturdays, Soil Born Farms is a really fun farmers market to go to! I'd visit there and have a light lunch, then head to yoga."

Chef Patrick Mulvaney, Mulvaney's B&L

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Chef Patrick Mulvaney

"From May to November there are 35 farmer's markets right in Sacramento County. The best one is the Sunday Farmer's Market right under the freeway, between W and X by Southside Park. It has 120 to 130 farmers there, year-round. In February, it's Brussels Sprouts and nuts and citrus and eggs and chilies and sweet potatoes and cabbages. Then in the summer months, it's peaches, nectarines, apricots and lettuces, which then goes into corn time and heirloom tomatoes in July. We never really have a downtime. The Farmer's Market in Chavez Plaza on Wednesday's is neat and pretty good. Davis, just outside of Sacramento, has more of a community, small-town Farmer's Market."

Chef Rob Lind, Ella

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Chef Rob Lind

"The farmer's market in Cesar Chaves Park is a big one that's just a block away from us at Ella. When the weather is nice, you can go just about anywhere in Sacramento and find a farmer's market! Whether you're in Oak Park, Elk Grove or out in Natomas."

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