Sacramento Musts for the Foodie

The Waterboy's Rick Mahan shares his 'Perfect Sacramento Day for the Foodie.'

Sacramento Musts for the Foodie

Chef Rick Mahan

About Rick

Rick Mahan is a Sacramento legend whose Farm to Fork restaurant The Waterboy is an institution. Here, Rick shares his 'Perfect Sacramento Day for the Foodie' with Visit Sacramento.

Temple Coffee

"I'd start with coffee at Temple in Midtown." 

A coffee is poured at Temple Coffee in Midtown Sacramento for Visit Sacramento.
Temple Coffee

Midtown Farmer's Market

"Then, I'd visit the Saturday Farmer's Market on 20th Street in Midtown for some fruits and various breakfast items, like scones, breads, jams, etc." 

Strawberries at the Midtown Farmer's Market in Midown, Sacramento for Visit Sacramento.
The Midtown Farmer's Market

Lunch at Corti Bros. or Taylor's Market

"Afterwards, I’d head to Corti Brothers or Taylor’s Market for sandwiches and side dishes, like a bottle of Rose."  

Bike the American River Parkway

"Then, pack it all up and jump on your bike and head for the American Parkway Bike Trail. You can take a leisurely ride out to Soil Born Farms and have a picnic, stroll around and perhaps take a quick siesta." 

Trees line the American River Parkway as people bike in Sacramento for Visit Sacramento.
Bike the American River Parkway

Hit the SacYard Tap House

"Then, take a gentle ride back for a beer at the SacYard Tap House in East Sac." 

The patio at the SacYard Tap House where people drink beers, for Visit Sacramento.
SacYard Tap House

Dinner, Drinks and Bed

"I'd follow that up with a shower, a change of clothes and dinner at any one of Sacramento's great Farm to Fork establishments, followed by a late night beverage at the The Jungle Bird before bed!" 

The front of The Jungle Bird for after dinner drinks for Visit Sacramento.
The Jungle Bird

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