Top 10 Bakeries and Dessert Shops in Sacramento

Where to get your sugar fix in America's Farm to Fork Capital.

Top 10 Bakeries and Dessert Shops in Sacramento

Visit Sacramento asked famous local pastry chefs like Ginger Elizabeth's Ginger Elizabeth Hahn and Ella's Jane Anderson about their favorite ice cream, dessert and bakeries in town. Here are the off-the-beaten-path spots they shared in America's Farm to Fork Capital.

Ginger Elizabeth's

Recommended by: Ryan Graham, Jane Anderson

Jane Anderson, Pastry Chef at Ella, said, "Ginger Elizabeth's is amazing! Ginger one of the best pastry chefs in the country, and she makes the best macarons that you'll ever have. Plus, Ginger does hot chocolates from scratch, which are super tasty and rich."

Track 7 Brewing's Ryan Graham said he'd end his night at Ginger Elizabeth's. "When my family does go out, we generally go for hot chocolate or coffee at Ginger Elizabeth's. You can pair that with dinner across the street at Mulvaney's."

A table full of hot chocolate and macarons at Ginger Elizabeth's in Midtown Sacramento for Visit Sacramento.
Ginger Elizabeth's

Gunther’s Ice Cream Shop

Recommended by: Rob ArchieClay Nutting

Local chefs, brewers, baristas and entrepreneurs all agree that the oldest ice cream spot in Sacramento, Gunther's, cannot be missed. Canon's Clay Nutting shared, "Gunther's is definitely up there for a lot of people around town," and Pangaea's Rob Archie bragged, "I'm lucky because Pangaea is right across the street from Gunther's." 

A line of people wait to order ice cream outside of Gunther's Ice Cream in Curtis Park Sacramento for Visit Sacramento.
Gunther's Ice Cream

Milk Money

Recommended by: Michael Thiemann, Clay Nutting

Michael Thiemann of Mother and Empress Tavern said, "Brock and Edward Martinez from LowBrau have this donut shop that has basically gone viral in town, so anytime they do donut pop ups three hundred people are in line for it. It's kind of ridiculous." Clay Nutting of Cannon followed it up with, "Their idea is just really incredible donuts." 

Freeport Bakery

Recommended by: Clay Nutting

"Freeport definitely comes to the top of my mind. It’s owned by this dude named Walter and his wife, Marlene. They have just been baking rad stuff for a really long time." 

Puur Chocolat

Recommended by: Jane Anderson, Clay Nutting

Puur Chocolat is a company run by Ramon Perez, who does amazing work and is a super nice guy," said Jane of Ella."Ramon is nationally recognized and he does amazing, super, kind of out there flavors that you wouldn't think to put together, but that work so beautifully." Clay from Canon backed up her claims. "Ramon Perez is just a master dessert guy." 


Recommended by: Ginger Elizabeth Hahn

"I'm a big fan of the Black & Tan at Leatherby's. It's like my childhood favorite!"

Marie's Donuts

Recommended by: Jane Anderson

"You've got to check out Marie's Donuts. It's a Sacramento favorite for sure because they have the best Maple Bars. If you get them just right, at like 11:00 PM when they're just opening for the evening, you have fresh, warm donuts and it's the best thing ever."

Devine Gelateria and Café

Recommended by: Ginger Elizabeth Hahn

“I think the gelato is really good at Devine Gelateria & Café."


Recommended by: Jane Anderson

"Estelle's just got a new pastry chef named Steve Acosta and he's fantastic and does really amazing creative things.” 

Pushkin's Bakery

Recommended by: Patrick Mulvaney

"Pushkin's is good for coffee. It's in Midtown, right around the corner from us at Mulvaney's."

Pushkin's Bakery in Midtown Sacramento for Visit Sacramento.

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