11 Things To Do Outside of Sacramento for the Day

How Sacramentans esape the city, just for the day.

11 Things To Do Outside of Sacramento for the Day

America's Farm to Fork Capital has enough to occupy travelers for years. But if you're looking to get outside of the city for the day, here's where notable locals say you should go!

House of Chicken and Ribs

Recommended by: Eric Veldman Miller

"It's gonna sound weird, but there's a spot called the House of Chicken and Ribs. Dude, if you haven't been there, it's worth the field trip. It's just this old dude and his whole family runs the whole thing. They're the friendliest people in the world! The meats are freakin' delicious, smokers in the parking lot of a strip mall sort of deal. It's a true barbecue joint."

Soil Born Farms

Recommended by: Patrick Mulvaney, Ginger Elizabeth Hahn, Shawn Harrison

Ginger Elizabeth's Ginger Elizabeth Hahn shared that, "Soil Born Farms is really fun to go to, especially with your kids. They have a farmer's market there on Saturdays."

Soil Born Farms

Moonraker Brewing Company in Auburn

Recommended by: Rob Archie, Ken Anthony, Ryan Graham

Urban Root's Rob Archie enthusiastically shared that, “Moonraker Brewing is doing really good stuff up in Auburn.”

The Davis Farmers Market

Recommended by: Patrick Mulvaney

Mulvaney's B&L Patrick Mulvaney shares, "The Davis Farmer's Market is really good too. It's a bit further out in Yolo County, about twenty minutes outside of Downtown Sacramento."


Recommended by: Kelly McCown, Eric Veldman Miller

The Kitchen's Kelly McCown told us that, "If you ride to Roseville, go to my friend Patricio's restaurant called Nixtaco. He's so passionate about what he does. I don't know how he does it but he makes these chicharrónes that are incredible. I've been trying to figure out how he does them for a while now and still can't do it!"

Visit Skinner Vineyards

Recommended by: Kelly McCown

"Skinner is doing some amazing stuff. They've got this powerhouse wine-making team, not to mention that the facility is absolutely gorgeous. You're sitting in all the vineyards nestled between the snowcapped Sierras. It's just a stunning property to be at!"

Visit Renwood Winery

Recommended by: Kelly McCown

"Renwood is fairly well known and they do an amazing job."

The Boardwalk Music Venue

Recommended by: Dilyn Radakovitz

"The Boardwalk is a little place just outside of Sacramento."

Berryessa Brewing

Recommended by: Ken Anthony

"For a great day out for beers, I'd send people out to Berryessa Brewing Company in Winters outside of Davis. It's a great spot with great outdoor seating. You're there among the orchards and the vineyards, with live bluegrass music and great beers on draft. It's got cool people and a great vibe."

Knee Deep

Recommended by: Ken Anthony

Device Brewing's Ken Anthony didn't mince words when he told us, "Knee Deep is a really great spot to go." 

Boeger Winery

Recommended by: Shawn Harrison

"Boeger Winery is up in the Foothills just outside of Sacramento. The Apple Hill region is an agricultural destination and it's just amazing. It's kind of true Farm to Fork."

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