What Does Farm to Fork Mean to Local Chefs?

Sacramento's chefs dish on the significance of building America's Farm to Fork Capital.

What Does Farm to Fork Mean to Local Chefs?

Visit Sacramento worked with celebrated local chefs and farmers to learn what 'Farm to Fork' means to them.

Amber Stott, Food Literacy Center

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The Food Literacy Center's Amber Stott

"We have this abundance that's not found anywhere else in the country. We have beautiful soil where you just put something in the ground and it grows! We have a four season growing cycle, which is such a blessing. In Sacramento, we're just surrounded by so much agriculture and innovation. Our farmers and our chefs are doing such unique things. We have produce here that nobody else in the country has access to. When we get food in Sacramento, it was just picked from the vine. It wasn't picked under-ripe and shipped across the country left to ripen on the shelf. We're getting it in its prime condition! No one in the country can eat like we can eat here in Sacramento."

Patrick Mulvaney, Mulvaney's B&L

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Mulvaney's B&L Patrick Mulvaney

"Sacramento is surrounded by the richest agricultural region in the world. So Farm to Fork is all the things that we celebrate. It's our agricultural heritage, which we embrace and celebrate. Farm to Fork means that when you go to a restaurant, you know who the farmers are and that the chefs have a direct relationship with them."

Jane Anderson, Pastry Chef at Ella

Chef Jane Anderson sits behind a pastry at Sacramento's Farm to Fork restaurant Ella in Downtown for Visit Sacramento.

Chef Jane Anderson sits behind a pastry at Sacramento's Farm to Fork restaurant Ella in Downtown for Visit Sacramento.

"I grew up with parents from here, and we had a nice little backyard garden where we grew carrots and lettuce and all kinds of produce. I love that we can work so closely with our farmers and have them help us create a menu. Our farmers plant really amazing things for us, and getting to see it start to finish is such a beautiful thing."

Michael Thieman, Mother & Empress Tavern

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Mother & Empress Tavern's Michael Thiemann

"Sacramento is the breadbasket of America. Farm to Fork means that we're surrounded by so many farms, from small local ones to giant, mega-farms. We're so fortunate to have this all right at our fingertips. It's hard not to use fresh, local produce in Sacramento. Our restaurants and menus evolve throughout the year; we just kind of flow with the seasons and get what's fresh."

Billy Ngo, Kru

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"Farm to Fork means that Sacramento is surrounded by all these great farms and agriculture. It means that all of our produce is produced right here, within less than one hundred miles of Sacramento. That's what it means to me!"

Eric Miller, V. Miller Meats

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"David Chang said it best a really long time ago. Farm to Fork isn't anything new; it's just what you do. You get the best stuff from as close as you can and you make cool stuff out of it. That's what we do. We have very tight relationships with all of our farms, and we go out to at least one farm every month just to check-in."

Eric V. Miller of V. Miller Meats smiles behind the counter of his butcher shop in East Sacramento for Visit Sacramento.
Eric V. Miller, V. Miller Meats

Rick Mahan, The Waterboy

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"Farm to Fork is all about our relationships as chefs with the local farmers. We get everything - vegetables, beef, fish - all within one hundred miles of Sacramento. Our farmers all work so hard. I like hard working people that do an honest day's work, and who just follow their heart and do what they want to do. I try to keep that and our farmers at the forefront. I wouldn't be doing the type of cooking we do if it weren't for them. We get our deliveries straight from the people who are actually out there planting and producing this stuff!"

Rob Lind, Ella

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Ella's Rob Lind

"Farm to Fork means we celebrate the harvest of our local farmers and ranchers. I mean celebrate, like we get excited about what's coming next from Suzanne at Del Rio Botanicals, about the Delta Asparagus crop that's coming down the road. We get excited about the people planting cool varieties of hops in the valley and who are supplying them to local brewers. Farm to Fork means Sacramento takes its food seriously, and that we celebrate it and get excited about it."

Kelly McCown, The Kitchen

"Farm to Fork means that the chef and the farmer are directly linked. On the east coast, a chef writes a menu, then finds a product. In Sacramento, the chef finds the product, then writes the menu."

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